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Boon is a one stop platform to help people to share all information related to their assets and legacy.
Boon is a collaborative outcome of 'systems thinking and design' at NID, by Manvith U S, Ashish Aher and Murshid M 
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The project concentrates on the challenges and problems faced due to the untimely demise of an individual.

Why death?

Because death is one of the most untouched parts of our society, associated with several challenges such as judicial, financial support, emotional support, taboo, and different social cultures.


Design Process

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Facts in numbers

facts in numbers.png

Life events as time passes


Later, A mapping of factors, problems, and things associated with death is mapped around the topic; closely related are placed in the center.

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Untimely demise:
How does it affect loved ones?




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Untimely demise:
Ecosystem mapping


Aftereffects untimely demise: 
What do the people say?

Some key insights from the interviews

“I didn’t know how many bank accounts my father had”

- 24-year-old man from Maharashtra

“We took around six months to identify the banks from which my dad had taken loan.”

- 24-year-old man from Karnataka

“ We desperately wanted a private caseworker to help us in transferring his assets.”

- 26 year working individual from Kerala

Observations from the interview


Stress, low moral level

Lack of efficiency and experience, along with mental stress, make the person more vulnerable 


Financial uncertainty

Financial uncertainties during this phase worsen the entire situation.


Helping hand

People wish for some helping body to solve their problems.


How much money is lying in unclaimed accounts?

affinity mapping.png

Affinity mapping

Noteworthy activities and connected keywords are mapped, which are related to general finance and finance after the death of a person 

iceberg model.png

Affinity mapping

The Iceberg model was developed to explore more opportunities and perspectives to expand our perception of the subject. 

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Intervention areas

After several brainstorming, the following are a few of the areas worth mentioning to intervene.

Intervention area.png

Design brief

A consolidated solution for keeping and Organising peoples’ valuables and transferring them after their death to suitable successors.


A safe for your valuable things, i.e., Assets, wishes, wisdom, objects, etc.


By providing all the data on assets, liabilities of an individual and assist the user’s family after demise.


To make the process simple, hassle-free, and transparent in an engaging way possible.

How might we?

Several “How Might We” statements were developed to explore more ideas and understand the known challenges better.

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User Persona : facilitator

Mahesh Kumar
71 years old
Lives in a village of Patna

Occupation : Business
Technology used : TV,  Smartphone
Personality : Exceptional business management, poor future planning
user persona 1.png
Mahesh Kumar is a local businessman having his business for the last 35 years. Now he thinks his kids take over the business and responsibilities. But he is not aware of the Property Management and doesn’t want to discuss his successors as he believes it’s a bad sign.
" I'm worried about what will happen to my assets after my death, and now, I don't want to share all details which may cause family problems."
  • To secure his assets and their details even after his death

  • Don't cause trouble and difficulties for his children's after his death

  • Knows what is required to sustain family financially and emotionally.

  • Better management of his assets 

  • Less burden on relatives after the death

  • Using better technology for more safety

  • He doesn’t want to discuss his death and further proceedings.

  • Don’t have much know much knowledge of asset transfers.

  • Don't want anyone to tell about investment and legal document procedure

  • Concern about the safety of documents in physical space.

  • He wants his family to be happy and stable in terms of finance even after his death.

  • To grant access to everything that he owns.

  • Easy and hassle-free take over of the business.

  • Procedural and transparent process quick process.

  • He wishes to share his business tactics with the next generation.

  • Needs a safe platform to store his secret documents, even after his death.

  • Needs a method to organize documents according to which all are required for processing.

  • Needs a way to transfer his asset after his death.

  • A consolidated solution that helps and is well managed regularly, with less effort and time.

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Journey map

Journey mapAsset 41.png
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User Persona : Claimant

Ahalya Kumar
24 years old
Lives in Bangalore
Interests: Technology, management
Personality: Very keen at keeping her belongings.
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Ahalya kumar is working as a software engineer, very good at money management. She is struggling to understand and transferring her father's assets after his demise. 
“ I want to collect and organize my father's assets after his death in a seamless manner with less effort and time."
  • Easy procedure and transfer of documents

  • Doing her father’s will and how he wants to share his asset

  • Reduce time taken for the procedure

  • Easy way to collect details from different places

  • To collect all assets without any lose

  • Understanding her father's investment and strategies 

  • knowing her father's last untold wishes

  • The smooth-running business even after his death

  • Documents are kept in different places. Some of them are missing

  • Time to collect details and Legal procedures to transfer

  • Finding the details of unknown assets

  • Managing and collecting all his last plans and wishes

  • My father documented and organized all documents

  • Easy and less effort for all procedure

  • Father securely kept all records and listed all documents

  • Learn business plans and strategies he kept

  • Documented about Hustle free, dispute free sharing wills

  • A safe and secured platform

  • A consolidated solution to request and collect all relevant details from the father

  • A platform which easily accessible and transparent to other siblings

  • An easy way to learn about all procedures

  • A solution that checks all documents are in a proper manner

  • A consolidated solution which helps secure feel on transferring

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Journey map

Journey map2Asset 51.png
strip 4.png

Introducing Boon

Boon is a one-stop platform to help people to share all information related to their assets and legacy. Users can follow the simple steps on the app to provide/seek the necessary information.

This platform can benefit those who want to continue the legacy or the family members who wish to claim their property. Hence the name boon.

Boon logo.png

Design considerations

Image 9.png

Hassle-free decision making

The responsive suggestion system of the service will let the user decide which information to store for his family without having mental load.


Usable medium

The system uses Aadhar card to register and further proceedings, thus using the available documents of people to avoid unnecessary confusion in the system.


Block chain technology

Blockchain Technology of recording information to decentralize the data making the system impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.



Customized notifications for both Users in multiple modes such as Phone calls, mail, and SMS.


Information utilisation

User can scan his document if he wishes, or else the system provides him where to store the physical information safely or in house safe vault option in premium plan.


How does Boon work?

backdrop 2.png

System layout

system layout.png

Information Architecture

Information A.png



Simple and quick introduction of the service 

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Sign up and login

Hassle-free sign up and authentication  process using aadhar card

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Screens- Facilitator

The facilitator page lets the user to easily organise and secure his data

Home – 2.png
Home – 5.png
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Home – 7.png
Home – 9.png
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Screens- Claimant

The Claimant page allows the right heir to get stored and claim his/her right

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Thank you

BOON - Conceptualised by Manvith U S, Murshid M and Ashish Aher

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